Twilight Guardian
Freedom is our law!
Led by Hagen Yager
Notable People N/A
HQ: Canyon Complex, Wasteland Sector E-13

Originally a resistance movement co-founded by Hagen Yager and Lioon Reza, the Twilight Guardian was founded in 2722 in response to a variety of reasons, both personal and city-wide.

While Reza's reasons centered around the Psi Monk goverment's inability to curtail the rapidly rising rate of serious crime in Neocron, Yager's were far more personal. With his parents having been killed by the government in question, he possessed a deep-seated hatred for the people who ruled the city and wanted nothing more than to eradicate every last one and take the city for his own ends.

Reza's plans for the city, however, were far more noble than those of his counterpart. Rather than rule the people with an iron fist, he was already dreaming up ways he could incorporate a firm, yet fair form of law enforcement and, after two years, his dreams were tantalisingly close to becoming a reality.

Having finally deposed the Psi Monks after a bitter revolution, Reza and Yager's difference of opinion came to a head when the latter attempted to turn on the former government agent and rid him of his last semblance of competition. As a result, the Twilight Guardian which had freed Neocron from tyranny collapsed in on itself as the two halves fought against one another.

With more loyal people on his side, Reza was able to rout Yager's forces and send him into retreat. With the chaos finally subsiding, Reza vowed to put an end to his revolutionary ways and, after declaring the Twilight Guardian enemies of the state, he placed himself at the head of Neocron's new government, surrounding himself with a ruling council and an almost infallible law enforcement contingent which has remained ever since.

Following his banishment from Neocron, Yager took the surviving members of his terrorist army and went into hiding. Claiming a large cave-infested canyon to the northeast of the city, he spent the next two decades brokering agreements and alliances with the other organisations and factions whom Reza and his City Administration deemed unwelcome.

As time passed, one alliance in particular became especially important. With Yager dying from a terminal illness, he has used his reputation with the Fallen Angels to obtain various technological implants in order to prolong his rapidly diminishing lifespan.