The Wasteland is the name given to the ravaged landscape surrounding Neocron and, with the exception of far-flung cities such as Tokyo II and extra-terrestrial installations such as Red Terra, is - at least, to the residents of Neocron - the extent of the known post-war world.

Irradiated by two instances of the use of nuclear weaponry in armed conflict, the Wasteland is highly dangerous at the best of times. Home to irradiated wildlife and many other beings which have evolved a resistance to radiation, venturing beyond Neocron's array of blast doors is fatal without adequate protection.

While it is possible for people to travel from place to place by conventional means, the GenRep network has become the ideal way to expedite a person's journey and ensure they reach their destination safely.

Over the past two centuries, both inquisitive and oppressed souls have ventured out from Neocron, whether to further their own aims or those of another. This trend started with the actions of Ceres, the tribal leader who erected the Dome of York and has periodically continued ever since.

In addition to the various research outposts, mining colonies, factories and fortresses, there are smaller settlements serving as the home for a civilian population, such as Tech Haven, the Military Base and, to a different extent, the eastern canyon.

There are also rumours of secret facilities hidden in the Wasteland, where the Neocron City Administration conduct more sinister business...