Sector One of the Plaza district

With Via Rosso being the rigourously defended domain of Neocron's wealthy and powerful and Pepper Park being the city's seedy and illicit underworld where pretty much anything can be found if one is daring enough to look, the Plaza district is the comfortable middle ground.

Almost every large corporation and their subsidiaries have some sort of holding within the confines of the Plaza and, with the City Administration housing their headquarters here, the citizens of Neocron feel safe enough to come here on a daily basis, whether commuting to work or doing their weekly shopping.

District Layout

Divided into a total of four sectors, the Plaza is - in terms of the developed districts of Neocron - second only in total surface area to Pepper Park, the city's amusement and "red light" district. While the myriad stores, landmarks and headquarter buildings are spread relatively evenly across the whole district, the most popular destinations by far are Sectors One and Two.

Faction Headquarters

A total of four factions have made the Plaza their home, chief of which is the City Administration. In addition to Neocron's ruling council, the headquarters of ProtoPharm, Diamond Real Estate and NEXT can also be found within the confines of the district.

NCPD Presence

While many among Neocron's citizenry would argue that the lighter presence of the city's law enforcement agency is simply an illusion given the much larger surface area, the fact remains that while the NCPD does keep a vigilant watch over the streets of the Plaza, their main focus is the wealthier and more upmarket district of Via Rosso, where the NCPD's headquarters are located.

Stores/Landmarks Located in the Plaza

  • Taylor's Biochem
  • Cryton's Techtools
  • Rokkwear
  • Archer & Wesson
  • Medicare
  • Yakarma Psi Provisions/Equipment
  • Yo's Pawn Shop
  • Co-Dee's Sushi Bar
  • vendor for Diamond Real Estate
  • Neocron Conference Centre
  • HEW
  • Rocco's Seafood
  • ASG

Adjacent District Sectors

  • Pepper Park, Sector One (from Plaza, Sector Three)
  • Via Rosso, Sector One (from Plaza, Sector Four)
  • Via Rosso, Sector Two (from Plaza, Sector Two - via ProtoPharm HQ)