Tangent Technologies
In guns we trust
Led by Robert Jordan (owner)

Damion Jordan (CEO)

Notable People Chester Cohor (systems admin)
HQ: Via Rosso, Sector Two

Resulting from the expansion of the Biotech corporation in 2658, Biotech's Tangent division quickly became a far cry from its parent organisation through its focus on weaponry of pretty much every shape, size and manner of construction.

Like the rest of Biotech, Tangent - at the time headed by co-founder Hester Gabun - rendered its assistance to Lioon Reza's resistance movement by supplying he and his soldiers with reliable guns and a stockpile of ammunition.

Playing its part in making Reza's dream of effective law enforcement a reality, Tangent - through outfitting the NCPD with their trademark plasma weapons - generated so much capital that Biotech allowed them to become a separate company in their own right.

Becoming incorporated in the first fiscal quarter of 2746, Biotech founder Robert Jordan, now at the age of 88, set a two-year process in motion that allowed him to train his two sons to assume control of the two halves of his vast business empire. Damion, the elder of the two, was installed as CEO of Tangent while his younger brother Seymour became the CEO of Biotech.

Damion's first order of business was to expand Tangent's clientele to include individual protection. With the public ownership of weaponry legal in Neocron - though subject to strict NCPD controls as to where in the city weapons can actually be carried - Archer & Wesson quickly became the go-to name for regular people as well as businesses looking to outfit their security teams.