Subsidiary Of N/A
Primarily Sells Clothing


A typical Rokkwear store, complete with the materialisation interface terminals (right).

Back in the 21st Century, high-profile fashion designers made up the considerable majority of the clothing industry or, at least, the majority of the clothing industry that people actually cared about.

Because of their popularity, clothes were sometimes seen as overpriced for what they were yet, as was often the case, people continued to buy them in their millions.

Seven hundred years later, however, things have become a lot simpler. With the world as many people know it now being a lot smaller in terms of the areas which are actually inhabited, a fashion conglomerate has stepped up to fill the void.

Rokkwear, despite its name, has created a wide range of clothes to suit all sizes, preferences and seasons and, using a more basic version of the Genetic Replicator technology, the clothes customers buy can simply be delivered from a separate storage facility and be materialised straight over their skin, eliminating the need for a finite storage space at the store. Put simply, in the 28th Century, Rokkwear is to clothes and fashion what Tangent Technologies is to guns.