Lioon Reza
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Portrayed by N/A
Played by N/A
Personal Information
Full Name Lioon Reza
Alias(es) President Reza, Reza
Age 64
Gender Male
Date of Birth Sometime during 2685/2686
Place of Birth Neocron
Significant Other Unknown
Parents Unknown
Children Unknown
Other Relatives Unknown
Additional Information
Faction Affiliation City Administration
(formerly Twilight Guardian)
Occupation President of Neocron
(former co-leader of Twilight Guardian)

Despite being the latest in a long line of people who have been considered the most powerful in the world, the amount of confirmed information about Lioon Reza is remarkably sparse; a situation some would say was achieved by stringent control of public media and the man's own reclusive tendencies.

Growing up under the rule of the Psi Monks, Reza was something of an academic, becoming rather well-spoken and eloquent by the time he reached adulthood. He was a member of Neocron's governmental protection force - named after the "Secret Service" of pre-war America - until the year 2722.

In response - or rather, protest - to the city's rapidly rising crime rate, Reza left his job in the Psi Monk government. Feeling so passionately about the need to reintroduce the rule of law, and thinking that he could do better at the task himself, he decided to form a band of revolutionaries with a fellow-minded individual by the name of Hagen Yager in order to overthrow them. The name given to their organisation was the Twilight Guardian.

With Yager's assistance, Reza managed to retake Neocron, deposing the Psi Monk regime which had been in power previously. Before he was able to cement his position - and his forces were able to recover - Yager suddenly turned on him, forcing the rebels into a pitched bout of infighting in order to settle the sudden conflict of dominance.

Rather than kill Yager for the trouble, however, Reza simply forced his former ally into a retreat, running him and his forces out of the city. Buoyed by the show of force, Reza declared himself the undisputed new leader of Neocron; a position he has held without contest ever since.

In addition to the start of his presidency, public opinion painted him as a paranoid man in fear for his life. After realising that even his own allies could turn against him at a moment's notice, Reza shut himself away from the public eye, creating the City Administration and NCPD to be his presence in the city while he controls them both - and, therefore, just about everything in Neocron - from behind the scenes.