Hagen Yager
Portrayed by N/A
Played by N/A
Personal Information
Full Name Hagen Yager
Age Unknown, but older than Lioon Reza
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Neocron
Significant Other Unknown
Parents Unknown, but both killed by the Psi Monk government
Children Unknown
Other Relatives Unknown
Additional Information
Faction Affiliation Twilight Guardian
Occupation Leader of Twilight Guardian

While many citizens nowadays could be forgiven for thinking that Lioon Reza - Neocron's current President - overthrew his Psi Monk predecessors alone, the truth is that the reclusive man had help in the endeavour.

Already a staunch opponent to the Psi Monk government by the time he met Reza in 2722, Yager saw the alliance with the former government agent as one of convenience. With Reza's insider knowledge and the propaganda which stemmed from the fact that even one of the government's best could be turned to an opposing cause, the Twilight Guardian grew quickly.

With many of their attempts at overthrowing the Psi Monks ending in failure, their revolution ended up lasting the better part of two years before bearing any fruit. However, upon learning of Reza's intent to fill the power vacuum himself, Yager attempted to turn on his former ally, seeing himself as the only one worthy to claim Neocron and all it contained.

With many of the Twilight Guardian's members having joined in pursuit of Reza's vision of the future, Yager and his loyal supporters were soon beaten back and run out of the city. While Reza left his revolutionary life behind and became the domed city's new leader, Yager retreated to a large canyon to the north east, where he has held the mantle of the Twilight Guardian's sole leader ever since.

Now well into old age and slowly succumbing to terminal illness - a process which has been slowed by his contacts in the Fallen Angels - Yager still has his goal to claim Neocron firmly in his sights. The only problem is the time he has left. Or lack thereof...