Fallen Angels
Led by Sylvia Bennett
Notable People Thomas Cooper (founder)
HQ: Tech Haven, beneath Wasteland Sectors E-07/F-07

Originally a large team of scientists used as slave labour by the Psi Monk government for the purposes of research into the equipment required to harness psychic power, such as gauntlets and focusing modules, the Fallen Angels now exist as an autonomous city-state.

Although they have offered assistance to many people over the years, such as offering tactical expertise to Lioon Reza for the rebellion which allowed him to seize control of Neocron and furnishing Hagen Yager with implants to prolong his lifespan, the Fallen Angels consider themselves allied to only themselves and, as a result, are somewhat unpopular with just about everyone, even if they aren't seen as outright hostile.

Leading his sixty-one colleagues out of the city in the year 2633, Thomas Cooper travelled to a mountainous region north of Neocron, where the group excavated the caverns for what would eventually become Tech Haven. Despite being built underground, the group is painfully aware of how hostile their new environment is and immediately seeks to protect itself.

Their assistance behind the scenes of the Twilight Guardian's revolution in 2724 saw the Angels awarded with a "contract of recognition" by Lioon Reza's City Administration, allowing them to exist without harassment and conduct their affairs how they wish instead of being subject to Neocron's laws.

Rather than share the beliefs of Neocron's citizens regarding the "Great Trek" to Irata-3, the Fallen Angels instead believe that there is a lot more to be done on Earth before humanity should even consider leaving and embarking on missions of interplanetary colonisation. Adapting to the planet's new climate and overall environment while trying to bring humanity as close to its pre-war technological pinnacle as possible are the two objective quoted by many Fallen Angels as the most necessary.

With Tech Haven being the epitome of a technocratic society, its highest-ranking officials form the Science Council, who act as the settlement's equivalent of the City Administration in Neocron. As of the year 2750, its leader is Sylvia Bennett; a popular and rather well-liked member of the community in addition to being a superlative scientist.