With almost every single natural and synthetic source of drugs - both legal and otherwise - destroyed during the nuclear firestorm of World War Three, it was centuries before medical science recovered to the point where they were able to effectively cure the ailments of the people.

Without access to genetic samples of the plants from which medications such as penicillin were derived, modern day scientists were forced to use trial and error and create the chemical compounds from scratch.

ProtoPharm, being the leading medical research corporation in Neocron, were the predictable pioneers of the field and, despite their well-documented failures, they were responsible for creating the panacea-esque Vitae vaccine.

In addition to chemical synthesis, scientists have turned to the byproducts of the mutated wildlife for assistance. After much experimentation, many different kinds of drugs have once again found their way to the city's market.

With the only data on the illegality and classification of drugs with regards to the word of law being both over six hundred years old and only pertaining to drugs that no longer exist, the use of them is something of a grey area.

Although many have been approved by the City Administration, the NCPD is gradually becoming aware of the ones they feel are doing more harm than good and are working to crack down on the manufacture and sale of the drugs they deem to be a public danger.


  • Destrosol: Often used by students to aid their studies due to a side-effect which increases memory retention.
  • Demerisol: A drug forbidden by the Brotherhood of Crahn due to its potential to temporarily amplify a person's latent psychic ability.
  • the "Dragon Drugs"
  • Epantenarol: A drug which forces the body to oxygenate blood at a more rapid rate. Used to treat respiratory disorders, but can be used to enhance athletic performance.
  • Gemilirimol: A drug which reduces the body's ability to produce lactic acid. This results in the patient being able to physically exert themselves for longer without succumbing to muscular cramps/pain.
  • Nightspider: Another drug forbidden by the Brotherhood of Crahn. As well as being known to increase latent psychic ability, Nightspider is popular with rogue surgeons as a way to reduce involuntary muscle spasms.
  • Paratemol: Used to combat minor nausea-related conditions such as travel sickness.
  • Whiteflash: A drug which effectively "overclocks" the brain's ability to fire synaptic signals to the rest of the body, allowing for quicker reaction speeds and a general increase in the patient's agility.
  • Redflash: A highly concentrated derivative of Whiteflash, which yields a greater result at the expense of a harsher recovery time.
  • Stamina Booster: A colloquial name given to the modern-day equivalent of epinephrine; a form of synthetic adrenaline.