Portrayed by N/A
Played by N/A
Personal Information
Full Name Crahn
Alias(es) N/A
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth The Wastelands
Date of Death circa 2560
Significant Other Unknown
Parents Unknown
Children Unknown
Other Relatives Unknown
Additional Information
Faction Affiliation Brotherhood of Crahn
Occupation First leader of Neocron
Founder of the Brotherhood of Crahn

The man responsible for discovering the Psi Monks, Crahn first rose to prominence as the leader of one of the largest and most powerful tribes in post-war society. Holding dominion over the eastern shoreline of the newly-formed continent, their interactions with Thor's tribe - the only one of comparable size - was inevitable.

After sacking Thor's settlement - which was named Jeriko - Crahn was advised by his Psi Monk allies to consolidate his power by building a colossal fortress atop the settlement's ruins. After the six years spent constructing it, the domain was dubbed Neocron; stemming from the ancient Greek words for New Time.

However, in the year 2557, almost two and a half decades later, Crahn is forced to retreat from Neocron by Thor. Having vowed to liberate his captured people, Thor had developed energy weapons and used them to overpower his rival's defences. With Neocron now in Thor's hands, Crahn fled deeper into the wastelands.

Once certain that he and the Psi Monks escaping with him were safe, Crahn elects to build another settlement; one much smaller than Neocron. Taking on the form of an abbey, he uses his influence to create the Brotherhood of Crahn; a psuedo-religious order that manages to endure long after his death.