The City Mercs
Solving (almost) all your problems
Led by Tarok Cajun (owner)
Notable People Kim Ma Wong (systems admin)
HQ: The Military Base, Wasteland Sector J-01

With the radiation from both World War Three and the battle between Ceres and Regant filling the wastelands, many of the breeds of wildlife have mutated and evolved over the centuries, rendering many of the already hostile areas far more dangerous than they otherwise would be.

With danger comes people willing to brave it, which is where the City Mercs have found their niche. Founded by a group of military veterans from the war between Ceres and Regant, the Mercs immediately began construction on a base of their own.

Without access to the magnetic shield technology Regant employed to protect Neocron from the external radiation, the architects saw a bunker as their only option. Utilising blast doors in numerous locations and heavily insulated walls, the Military Base is, in effect, a miniature city, perfect for the upkeep of the City Mercs themselves as well as any people who happen to visit.

Although they refer to themselves as mercenaries - and conduct their business as such - the City Mercs are, in fact, a highly disciplined and honour-driven private military corporation, complete with their very own structure and ranking system. Unlike criminal guns-for-hire, the Mercs do exercise discretion with regards to the jobs they take.

While the Fallen Angels deem themselves to be against Neocron and its allies, despite their prior business with Lioon Reza, the City Mercs remain completely neutral. Any allegiances made are purely contractual ones and, more often than not, come to an end once their payment is issued.