Biotech Systems, Inc.
Custom Evolution
Led by Robert Jordan (owner)

Seymour Jordan (CEO)

Notable People Joanna Hawkes (systems admin)
HQ: Via Rosso, Sector One

As their name suggests, Biotech Systems, Inc. - colloquially referred to as simply "Biotech" - are the foremost researchers in the fields of medical nanotechnology and biomechanical augmentation of the 28th Century. Founded in 2638, Biotech was a much larger company at the time of its inception.

As well as standing on its own two feet as a business enterprise, Biotech was also known to moonlight as an investment group. One of the most high-profile targets of their vast financial power was the Avenger Project; which encompassed the construction and eventual launch of the post-war world's first interstellar vehicle.

Following the Avenger's launch, Biotech created an in-house research-and-development division specialising in high-tech weapons, something which was seen as quite the worrying departure for a company that had made its name granting assistance to both the physically disabled and the financially endowed who simply wished to sate their curiosity.

With this new division to their company, Biotech was easily able to render assistance to the forces of Lioon Reza during the revolution that saw him become Neocron's undisputed President, giving the company a powerful alliance with the CityAdmin and a colossal boost to their bottom line. However, in 2746, the weapon research division split away from its parent corporation and became one in its own right: Tangent Technologies.