Automotive Sales Group (ASG)
Subsidiary Of NEXT
Primarily Sells Civilian/Military vehicles


An example of an ASG "Warp Garage"

The Automotive Sales Group, more commonly referred to as the ASG, is the only official vehicle dealership chain operating in Neocron and its surrounding areas.

Operating as a subsidiary of Neocron Exploration Technology, the ASG has been granted a unique license to sell vehicles to any and all sectors of the citizenry; ranging from single-seat speeder bikes and passenger automobiles all the way up to tanks for clients such as the City Mercs.

Despite their status as a subsidiary, the ASG retains much of their autonomy, enabling them to publicly their shares on the city's Stock-X system. As well as selling the vehicles manufactured by NEXT, the ASG are responsible for the vehicle repositories - or "warp garages" dotted around the Wastelands.

Essentially an enlarged version of the Genetic Replicator system, the warp garages are situated on their own network and deal solely with the dematerialisation/reassembly of inorganic matter. While automotive manufacturers were only able to eliminate part of the necessity for a key in the 21st Century, the biometrically-encoded keys used for vehicles in the 28th Century have very little - if anything at all - to do with the corresponding vehicle.

Instead of being inserted into a port on the steering column, the keys are instead used to contain a genetic certificate of a vehicle's ownership, allowing for both the quick resolution of criminal matters should the vehicle be stolen and to eliminate the possibility of the warp garages retrieving the wrong vehicle by mistake.

After receiving a command to retrieve a vehicle, the high-powered computer inside the warp garage scans the circumference of its position - marked by four arching pylons - in search of pre-existing matter that would potentially interfere with the reassembly process, such as other vehicles and their owners.

Using the collected data, the warp garage then chooses a location inside its circumference which abides by the parameters set by the vehicle being retrieved and reassembles it. Due to the mass of calculations required, there is a slight delay to the process, but the vehicle is - more often than not - completely assembled and ready for normal use within five seconds of the request being made.